How to connect Nintendo64 (N64) to Plasma TV (Panasonic) beside RF cable.?

i have the Nintendo 64, i need to know how to hook it up to a untried 42" plasma TV. i have everything on N64 connected except for the RF cable. how or where do i connect it? i own tried the audio, yellow port, and hdmi isnt an option nor the headphone jack.

i dont hold any red yellow and white cables attached to "gray" ends. single connected to wii or playstation 2 consoles. if you use abbreviations please state what cable that is as i am not tech savvy lol

is nearby any cables to buy that can do it? some people hold mentioned scarts?

Many Thanks for answers asap.. :) points for best one too.

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you should buy these cable to connect nintendo to youe plasma tv from over here
Component Cable Gold Plated for Nintendo Wii Lead
Nintendo Wii High Definition RGB Component Cable Gold Plated Connectors.
1.5m cable
UK Version next to White Leads and Gold plated ends
Plugs into your Wii and into your LCD/Plasma TV (with RGB inputs) for a much improved High Definition Picture Source(s):…

If you have a regular Wii A/V cable, use that, they should be the same.

SCART is for European TVs. If you hold a European N-64, I believe it has SCART, which you connect to your TV with an SCART cable.
Nintendo 64's are getting on now, and own been programmed to work with t.v's that be around when it came out. so 1080p graphics are out of the question, lol. i, too hold a n64 special edition 1 it still works but yours may not anymore.

But WAIT you could find your t.v remote and and press the button with (a Square with an Arrow going into it.) which is the 'av' button. maintain pressing it, flicking through the channels till you find the one that works with your n64 ( remember to keep on at least 5 seconds every time you flick though a direct.)

Hope this helps :D

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