Software Upgrade Procedure for a Mitsubishi WD-60C9?

I need help! I get the thumb drive for my TV today so that I could upgrade the software on my TV to get it to work. Okay, I followed the instructions to a T.
1. Disconnect the TV from the wall socket
2. Insert the Thumb drive into the provided slot on the TV
3. Plug the power cord into the wall socket
4. Press power button
5. When the TV displays a "Welcome screen" Hold the Power button for about ten second until the Tv turns off
6. Press power button again

Now, the green light flashes on the front of the eyeshade and this is suppose to be the start of the software upgrade.
The instructions indicate that the Light will flash for 2-3 minutes and when the software upgrade is done, the TV will turn on and after a few minutes it will display a message that the software upgrade is complete.

Well, I did all this and the green light is flashing and the treatment screen came up. I didn't know if this be suppose to do this or not.
I have been waiting for in the region of 30 minutes now and all that is to say happening is the green light (on the front of the TV) is flashing and the Mitsubishi Electronic blue Welcome peak is showing.

What should I do? I am afraid to unplug the Thumb drive because I heard that it deletes after you use it lone one time!

Also, how long does it take for this upgrade? As far as I know it may be doing the right thing. If it is, how long earlier it will be done?

Thanks for the help in credit! Sorry for all the words, I was lately trying to explain.

Answers: Give it til Thanksgiving.

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