I inadvertent turned on the FPA lock on my RCA tv and no remote, immediately tv won't turn on back!?

I have comcast and that remote is not working for my tv any. How can I get my tv back on? Somebody please comfort me.

Answers: Wow, that sounds crappy. What I would do is go out and buy a universal remote, the cheapest one that supposedly works on your sensitive of tv (just because it says it works on an RCA doesnt mean it will work on an RCA LCD flat peak, so double check)

anyway, try programing the remote and testing it through the power button on the new remote until it works.

The untried remote instructions should be like "hold tv button until red light on remote blinks, enter code, try power button" and repeat.

best of lick sweetie! Source(s): hey, write an email to RCA explaining your problem....it may lift a week, but they should be able to help....perchance they will send you a new remote or show you a "pin" button on the fund that resets everything. I've never even heard of that kind of warranty feature....sorry i couldn't help.

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